Products 101

Welcome to products 101! This will be the launching page that features an ongoing blog concerning all of the do’s and don’ts of all of the various products we offer. We plan on updating this page on a regular basis to alleviate any concerns as well as educating you on our various products. The product pages as they are now are a little more concise on the content since they feature multiple products, pricing, etc. We want to use this as an archive of sorts to answer any product questions that may come forward.

Questions like: If I want paint filled numbers on a trading pin, what size do I need to get? Can I have a glow in the dark slap band? Can I get sequential numbering on pins? What about printing a QR code on a wristband? In due time all of these questions will be answered and it won’t take you long to be an expert. Your boss want you to order lanyards and you know nothing? You are a new trading pin mom and had purchasing trading pins just dropped in your lap? We are here to help.

Use the menu drop-downs under Products 101 for information and discussion on each specific product. If you have any questions, images, feedback or anything you would like to share, please feel free to contact us.