Thank you for visiting and/or our sister trading pin site We are proud to be your one stop shop for online custom promotional products. We specialize in custom lapel pins, custom trading pins, custom lanyards, custom embroidered patches and custom wristbands. To start off, we believe our customers are the sole reason for our success. Without you, we would not be in business and we appreciate every email, phone call and comment regarding our site and products. Our staff has a varied background with most having graphic design experience and working with other promotional products companies in the past in various capacities. We can tell you in all honesty that a majority of other companies believe that the customer, their bread and butter, are either dishonest or deceptive. We obviously do not feel this way. Look at other companies terms compared to ours. You won’t see any legal jargon here. Just honest straightforward statements.

1) Our Pledge to you:

We will provide you with honest customer service and deliver you a quality custom promotional product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is any factory defect in quality or craftsmanship, we will remake the order at no charge to you or work out some form of recompense on the damaged goods.

2) The Nature of Custom Products

Just what the statement says. These products are CUSTOM and produced solely for you. They cannot be returned to a stockroom shelf for someone else to purchase. Once an order has been finalized and production has begun, it cannot be stopped. It is your responsibility to check all artwork for colors, spellings, etc. before the order has been finalized and turned into the factory for production. We use Pantone Solid Coated (PMS) color chart for all colors (excluding threads). A free color chart is available for download PMS CHART.

We can reproduce virtually any image. That being said any copyrighted logos, characters, etc. that you, the customer submits to us to reproduce, has legal rights to do so. Things like sports logos for trading pins are fine, but companies tend to frown upon using licensed characters and logos intended for resale by the customer as “official” products. This we will not be a part of.

3) Notes Concerning Various Custom Promotional Products 

Embroidered Patches – There is a finite number of threads available for custom patches (roughly 300). Most patch colors (on designs with non basic colors) are approximate unless a specif thread color is mentioned. If you need a patch reproduced, you may be required to send a sample to be color matched. Please contact us for information. Small details on patches may have to be simplified depending on patch size, it is needle and thread after all.

Lanyards – Lanyards typically take 12-14 days to produce. They are classified as a “textile” product and are more apt to be inspected at customs. Please try to make arrangements to pad your delivery by a day or two just in case this happens. We are not responsible for late deliveries due to customs.

Trading Pins – Peak trading pin season is from mid-May to the end of July. Due to the factories being inundated with orders, production times tend to stretch out further than normal. What was normally 8-10 days can turn into 14-16 days depending on the factory workload. Pins with extras and moving parts add to production time. We have a good working relationship with our factories and any date given to us as far as shipping schedules are correct 99% of the time. If you are uneasy about your date, please order early or call 844-837-3451 to inquire about the best pin options we have available.

Also don’t try to order a Lapel Pin and pass it off as a Trading Pin. The rules about factory overloads will still apply you tricky devil.

ALL CUSTOM PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS- While we can get a factory ship date confirmation, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A SPECIFIC DELIVERY DATE. Once the order has been turned over to the shipping entity (Fed-EX, UPS, etc.)it is out of our hands and we will not be held responsible for late delivery. All shipping is priority 2 day air (the fastest available from overseas). There is no such thing as overnight delivery from overseas factories due to the time zone difference.

Pricing and Mold Fees- We are happy to price match on any competitors quote for the same custom promotional product. This is rarely an issue since we have a pricing structure that is the lowest available online. If by chance you find a lower price on the same product, we will match or beat that price no questions asked.
Mold fees are included in our pricing structure and a necessary evil to have custom promotional products manufactured. Due to this necessity, no discounts will be given on our already industry leading product pricing. There are static costs involved in getting an order manufactured that are unavoidable and we have to bear this burden.

Multiple Designs- In the instance of multiple designs, the initial mold fee is taken care of, but each subsequent design would require a new mold to be produced. We try to offset this by combining the order totals and just charging separately for the subsequent molds, usually $40 each. For instance if you have 250 each of 3 designs, instead of having to pay for 3 separate 250 piece orders, we would give you pricing for 750 pieces and charge $80 total for the 2nd and 3rd mold. This makes it easier to manage and it would save you a lot of money. Not many other companies would do this.

Samples of Products- All overages in production go directly to you (the customer)  from the factory(example: you may order 100 wristbands and receive 112). We do not get any factory over-production therefore we have little to no products to send out as samples. The artwork proof has everything you need to get a feel of your custom product and have it manufactured by us. Quite honestly if we fulfilled all of the sample requests we get, we would not have any time available to get any work done!

We feel like the basics have been covered. If there are any questions or concerns, please call 844-837-3451 or send your inquiries to

Thank you.